Lyrebird Studio is a top mobile app development company produce user-friendly entertaining mobile apps and games for Android and IOS. Lyrebird takes firm steps for the future with its 30 million monthly active users and more than 650 million total downloads and installs over the globe. Its creative, technical and design teams work with passion and devotedly to meet the mobile app users expectations. Lyrebir Studio is looking for a talented Data Analyst to join the team who will keep abreast of all metrics, find reasons for changes in them, as well as generate ideas for improving them.


  • Analyzing and monitoring key product indicators;
  • Searching for growth points, organizing and conducting product AB tests;
  • Working with an internal BI system;
  • Modeling and forecasting using machine learning;
  • Preparing reports and recommendations on improving key metrics;
  • Researching and analyzing various systems of analytical solutions;
  • Maintaining analytical expertise in chosen areas of the company.


  • Knowledge of analytics systems for mobile applications;
  • Knowledge of product metrics;
  • Experience in calculating ROI, ARPU, LTV, forecasting and analyzing a wide range of metrics, audience segmentation;
  • Strong knowledge of Excel;
  • Intermediate level of English or higher;
  • Knowledge of SQL, Python, R is welcome.

Optional requirements:

  • Ability to work with large datasets;
  • Structural approach to analysis;
  • Deep knowledge of statistics;
  • Ability to work in a team and experience in managing people and projects.


Lyrebird Studio is a top mobile app developer company produce user-friendly, entertaining mobile apps for Android. Lyrebird takes firm steps for the future with its 3 million daily active users and more than 650 million total downloads and installs over the globe. Particularly focused on photography world by producing photo editing, image processing and beauty-make up applications, Lyrebird brings joy to the users' lives and makes life more beautiful. Its creative, technical and design teams work with passion and devotedly to meet the mobile app users expectations. We are looking ambitious co-worker, colleagues who wants to be a part of Lyrebird family and this diligent team.

Basic Qualifications:

  • MS degree in Computer Science or another related technical field
  • Proven track of application development
  • 3+ years of experience working with Java and C++
  • 2+ years of experience in Android development
  • Experience with building and customizing Android OS and apps
  • Experience with Android NDK
  • Develop high quality mobile system that will impact hundred of millions of consumers.
  • Good User Experience and User Interface skills
  • Proficiency in English ( both oral and written) is a must
  • Experience with GIT, REPO
  • Good understanding of OOP, Algorithms, Design patterns and code optimization
  • Software optimization techniques for memory, runtime, and power
  • Strong knowledge of and experience of all layers of the Android camera framework

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Good understanding of graphics rendering pipeline, graphics concepts and 3D math.
  • Experience with 3D graphics and OpenGL
  • Experience in computer vision
  • Experience in machine learning technologies, and application of machine learning in computer vision.
  • Video compression algorithms such as h.264

Soft Skills:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving ability
  • Willing to participate in change and appreciate a dynamic environment with rapidly changing priorities
  • Motivation for the new challenges and new opportunities
  • Strong empathy for users
  • Excellent teamwork skills; ability to identify and solve key problems creatively with minimal guidance
  • Detail oriented work ethic
  • Someone who loves to learn and is excited to tackle tough technical challenges
  • Strong communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills
  • Someone who can collaborate well and enjoys helping others


600 milyondan fazla inidirilen uygulamalara sahip Lyrebird Studio olarak;

  • Yazılım test süreç ve metodolojileri içerisinde bulunmuş 2+ yıl deneyim sahibi
  • Daha önce mobil test projelerinde çalışmış,
  • Etkin iletişim becerilerine sahip, detaylara önem veren, dikkatli,
  • Yeniliklere ve öğrenmeye açık, araştırmacı,
  • Dinamik, Sonuç odaklı ve takipçi,
  • Dokümantasyon anlamında dikkatli ve titiz olduğuna inanan,


  • Mobil uygulamaların manuel testlerini yapmak,
  • Alacağı görevleri üretim öncesi ve üretim sonrası testlerini yapmak,
  • Kalite-Güvence sürecinin iyileştirilmesine katkıda bulunmak