Big Head Filters Has Gone Viral on Social Media

Big Head Filters Has Gone Viral on Social Media

Social media has another trend to offer us! The Big Head challenge is viral on TikTok and Instagram! Big Head filter which is a filter that enlarges your head while keeping your body size relatively small is trending on many social media platforms. This trend brings out the fun side of the people and lets them loose and enjoy the moment. Most of the videos with Big Head filters are entertainment videos and the audience seems to love it! Some games are using Big Heads as well so, it is safe to say that the game sector is also affected by the Big Head trend.


Many users are using Pew Pew Pew from Auntie Hammy as the song and Big Head filter which creates a contrast with the filter’s funny nature and makes the video even funnier



There is another side for the Big Head filter which is cartoon Big Heads! You can use ToonApp’s Big Head filters and cartoon yourself while having a fun Big Head above your shoulders. ToonApp offers so many different filters that can match your style or vibe. You can be anything you want; a zombie, a scuba-diver, a fairy, a dragon slayer, a mermaid, a pilot you name it and ToonApp has it!


So, how can you create your Big Head cartoons? It is such an easy process you just follow the 5 steps below:

  1. Download ToonApp from App Store or Google Play Store and open ToonApp.

  2. Upload a photo or take a selfie and adjust the size.

  3. Click the eraser and erase the neck to achieve the perfect Big Head.

  4. Choose your favorite Big Head Template and adjust your head part to your desired size.

  5. There you have your Big Head cartoon! Now, you can join the fun!


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