In 2011, it all started with a passion of our founder Omer Gundesli for developing apps that would make everyone’s life a bit more fun with photography filters, effects, editing tools and more camera shenanigans! Through all these years, starting each day with a bit more engagement and a growing user base, we've reached a point where our apps are now bringing fun to more than 750+ Million users’ lives and to their social media feeds :)

Our family grew slowly with each addition to the team. We have now almost reached our 20-people-team target at our new office and our goal is to double that in the future!

Apart from our apps, we’ve started small and we’re taking steady steps into the world of games, full of tiny little adventures. We must say that it thrills us to be a part of the mobile gaming industry as a development studio from Turkey. We have high hopes and tons of plans to bring joy to your everyday life!

We’re creating, developing and improving. Keep Calm and Game On!