5 Creative Christmas Photography Ideas

5 Creative Christmas Photography Ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go! Snow is falling, lights are shining bright, decorations and Christmas trees are getting ready for the count down! Christmas is just around the corner. Who else is ready for candy canes, wreaths, stockings, gifts, and family time? 


Christmas means so much for the family. It means getting together and remembering the family traditions. It means getting lost in the Christmas spirit and feeling the magic. It means showing love generously. Most importantly, it means spending time with our families.


Christmas is one of those times that you can get together with your family. Everybody has different traditions for Christmas but one of the biggest traditions for families is taking a Christmas photo! What better time than Christmas to take a perfect family photo? 


If you are tired of taking the same picture with the same poses here are 5 creative ways to take your Christmas family pictures.


1) Make Use of Your Kitchen

If you have a tradition of decorating Christmas cookies why not make that moment forever? The kitchen is the best place to make Christmas cookies last forever. In action photos often turns out as the cutest memories. You can wear the Christmas hat while decorating your gingerbread house or cookies. If the lighting is good you will get your desired Christmas family photo.



2) Snow Magic

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where it snows at Christmas time you should make use of the snow! Christmas and snow together are magic and snow photos will make a unique magical family photo. You can use the Christmas gifts as decorations to reflect the Christmas spirit to the photo even more.



3) Twinkling Christmas Lights

Why not wrap your family in Christmas lights? Our family is the biggest gift we could ever ask for and wrapping Christmas lights and decorations around us could create a unique Christmas family photo. Besides who wouldn’t want to feel like a Christmas tree after all?



4) Cozy Blanket

Blankets reflect the Christmas spirit best. Warm, cozy, and merry. You can use a blanket to show the warmth of your family in the photo. If you want to add a special touch you can get a family name blanket and display that in the photo. Family name blankets make trendy and special gifts so if you don’t have one make sure you get it as a gift to your family!



5) Creative Cartoons 

Cartoon challenge keeps growing on social media. Why not jump into the cartoon trend for Christmas? Take a different approach to Christmas with ToonApp’s Christmas templates! Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store and discover the Christmas templates. Be creative as you wish and create the most unique family photo ever!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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