5 Creative Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Game

5 Creative Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Game

Social media is one of the biggest parts of our daily life. Most of the people we know use social media actively. Social media allows us to connect with the world and engage with other people. It can be used to spread awareness generate revenue alongside using it only for sharing your day-to-day life and connecting with people. Since we are exposed to social media immensely many people try to find ways to enhance their social media feed and reach a greater audience. Here are some creative ideas to spice up your social media game.


1) Using Sunset Lamp

Sunset lamp has gone viral on the most trendsetting social media platform, TikTok. The lamp projects a golden-hour-like eye-catching glow for you to capture amazing, game-changing photos.

The sunset lamps can transform a dark room into a sunny escape in seconds. It is currently the No.1 bestselling floor lamp on Amazon. It is undeniable that these lamps will boost your serotonin with one switch and it will stand out in your feed.

It's available in seven colors; pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and a mix of red and orange. The only thing you should do is to decide which color you feel like and capture astonishing photos.




2) iPhone Editing Hack

Recently a new editing hack has gone viral and became a trend. For this new iPhone editing hack, we have TikTok to thank once again.

To achieve the perfectly edited photo you should follow the editing formula step by step. While editing bear in mind that before the final step you might end up with a light ball but do not give up just trust the process.

Here's the hack formula step by step to achieve this masterpiece:

  • Exposure and brilliance to 100
  • Highlights to -32
  • Shadows to -26
  • Lower the contrast to -30
  • Brightness to -15
  • Black point to 10
  • Saturation to 10
  • Vibrance to 8
  • Warmth to 10
  • Push the tint up to 29
  • Up the sharpness to 14
  • Definition feature to 23
  • Finally, slide the exposure back down to 0

And there you have your perfectly edited, magically sun-kissed photo to shine in your feed.




3) Blurry and Unfocused Photos

Blurry photos are often destined to end up dismissed and deleted until it became a trend to share blurry photos. When looked at closely, blurred photos have their own aesthetic and can be beautiful and highly engaging for social media.



Alternatively, motion blur photography can be used to create dynamic images of moving subjects. Capturing blur in photos will enhance the quality of the photos further. Experimenting with blurred and unfocused photography can generate an abstract perspective that is both engaging and unique. Blurred and unfocused photography may seem strange to some, however, letting go and not thinking about how you will end up looking is one of the most enjoyable parts of this experience.



4) Adding Grains

Grains are big in enhancing photography for the last few years. Simply adding grains to your photo will remove the focus on the perfection standards of the photo and create an illusion of a different level of perfection. The key here is of course adjusting the level of grains and avoid using too much. For grains, less is always more.

Grains allow photos to look more artistic and vintage and creates the illusion of a perfect photo. Plus grains allow photos to be softer and helps the IG feed look warmly aesthetic. Influencers seem to cannot get enough of grains, they use grains in most of their photos.





5) Cartoon Illustrations

Let’s not forget about the fun ways to spice up your social media game! The cartoon trend keeps growing on social media. There are many filters and apps to create your cartoons but only one app can be the best app out there.

ToonApp cartoon maker is the best app to cartoon yourself with just one tap. ToonApp offers amazing AI filters for pictures to turn photos into cartoons. You can even cartoonify photos to turn into anime characters with Big Head Templates.



Choose whichever background and style you like and join the fun with ToonApp!




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