5 Hot TikTok Trends That Could Make You Go Viral

5 Hot TikTok Trends That Could Make You Go Viral

It is no secret that we love scrolling through TikTok and losing the track of our time. TikTok is the best place to follow the trends and challenges. Trends on TikTok also influence other social media platforms such as Instagram so it is safe to say that TikTok is the most trendsetter platform. People who wish to follow and join the trends should have a TikTok account.


Here are the latest trends that could make you go viral:


1)Siyeon Trend

Siyeon trend is one of the most popular trends on TikTok. Users are adding CL’s Hello B*tches song with IG filters and insert different stickers of themselves when the beat drops. Users are also creating content with their pets to join the Siyeon trend. You can edit the videos using the Video Editor app.


Song Used: Hello B*tches - CL 



2) Cartoon Trend

To join this trend the cartoon filter is available on TikTok. TikTokers are using this filter to see if they have the main character energy. 


Song: Meet Me At Our Spot - The Anxiety, Willow, Tyler Cole



However, this trend has a downside. The filter consists of one female cartoon and one male cartoon which looks pretty much the same on anyone. If you wish to see your true cartoon self, you should try ToonApp which actually works from your face features. You can choose the background and style you like and join the fun with ToonApp!



3) Bezos Trend

This trend, as the name suggests, is about Jeff Bezos. The song tells a short story about Jeff Bezos’ life. Users are using this trend and song to create a short story about their lives by replacing Bezos facts in the song with their own. This trend is also quite popular among pet accounts to create cute TikToks.


Song: Bezos I - Bo Burnham


4) Take Away Your Things and Go

This trend is about showing your frustration to someone for saying something. It is a popular trend and with the right frustration could make you go viral. 


Song: Same Old Love - Rihanna Version



5) Tell Me Without Telling Me

This trend may sound weird but it is quite easy. You can adjust this trend to your needs. You can showcase your ethnicity, lifestyle, and hobbies. For instance, you can say tell me you are a dog person without telling me you are a dog person and then show your dog nursery. The key here is to create a contrast that makes the video interesting.


Don’t waste any time jumping into these trends to go viral!

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