5 Quick Tips for Autumn Photography

5 Quick Tips for Autumn Photography

Welcome Autumn! We are welcoming autumn with all our good vibes. Nature presents all its beauty in a riot of colors. We can see the magical harmony of the colors in autumn. You can take great fall photos easily by keeping in mind autumn photography tips. 


1. Lighting and Brightness

The angle and brightness of the light are one of the crucial points to take great photos. In autumn, we are lucky because we can avoid the direct and intense sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause a bad view by increasing the contrast and brightness. However, rainy, foggy or cloudy autumn weather conditions are some of the best days that you can take magnificent photos because these weather conditions prevent direct sunlight and create soft appearances. Additionally, raindrops are our natural lenses to take photos with deeper colors with amazing reflections of the light.



Moreover, taking photos after the sunrise and before the sunset which are named “Golden Hour” can be a good idea to catch great shots with the colors that are close to which you see with naked eyes. Also, if there is a person in your photoshoot, you can balance the brightness by placing the person at the edge of the view. In this way, the face would seem brighter and be the focus point instead of the landscape. 



2. White Balance

Colors in the photos are not affected by the light sources’ color with the White Balance feature. Mostly, people use Auto White Balance functions. However, sometimes Auto White Balance function can distort the colors in the photo or skin tones and create new colors which you do not want. Thankfully, you can get better results if you prefer to adjust White Balance manually. If you want to have warmer colors you should increase the Kelvin value. You should be careful while you are increasing the Kelvin value because sometimes high Kelvin values can cause unnatural looks. You can find the best color appearances by trying different White Balance settings. If you do not feel comfortable adjusting to the White Balance manually, you can use the shade setting as an option.



3. Details

Alongside the ravishing colors and landscapes of the autumn, details can be impressive subjects of your photos. Sometimes, you cannot capture the amazing details such as shapes, patterns or lines of the leaves, trees or reflections on the river, small puddles or raindrops with your camera’s wide-angle lens. Using telezoom or macro lens can be a good idea to catch the magnificent details. They will help you to find the details that you did not notice by zooming in on the objects all around you. Additionally, you can catch the details by taking photos of the trees, stones, leaves, branches, etc from different angles and distances. Maybe you can find some surprise details while you are taking photos of amazing natural objects. 



4. Steady Camera

The clarity of your photos depends on the stability of your camera. In autumn, due to the bad weather conditions, keeping your camera steady can be more difficult than in summer. At this point, if there are no freak weather conditions, using a tripod is a good idea to stabilize the camera to avoid camera shakes and decrease the problematic effects of the shutter speed.



5. Creativity

If you do not want to take classical natural autumn photography, creating your own autumn theme and taking your unique and wonderful photos can be a good idea. Colorful fruits, vegetables and flower baskets are good things to get interesting shots. 



If you do not have a professional camera, you can take your photos with your smartphone and improve them by filters, photo editing mobile applications, your smartphones’ photo editing functions and have your incredible shots. 


Please do not forget your photos reflect your perspective, mood and energy. Sometimes, you do not want to go outside and prefer to spend your time with enjoyable mobile applications at your home. ToonApp is a super mobile application that you can cartoon yourself with various templates and have your creative photos. Let's don’t waste time and create your autumn-themed cartoon with ToonApp and share it!


How to use these templates?

1. Download ToonApp from App Store or Google Play Store.

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4. Choose your favorite template and adjust.

5. Finally, here is your autumn-themed cartoon!



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