5 Trendy Filters That Have Taken Over Social Media

5 Trendy Filters That Have Taken Over Social Media

We are looking at the black mirror in our hands more every day. Social media is the most important thing that comes with our black mirrors. Social media platforms allow users to experience different things. One of the most used things for social media is facial filters. Users tend to use filters for many of their posts, stories, or even videos, whether they are fun or face perfection filters. Many people are influenced to use filters to feel included or to catch the newest trends. Here are the 5 trendiest filters that are running social media.


1)Catfish Beauty Filters

Beauty filters are arguably the most used filters. Social media users use beauty filters for many reasons. Some people want to feel a little better about themselves and they want to feel prettier to fit the modern beauty standards. There is no doubt that beauty filters boost our self-confidence and make us feel more attractive but the line with a confidence boost and self deceptiveness should be separated to avoid negative psychological side effects of beauty filters. 

Some beauty filters look so real that they are named catfish filters. Many users are now doing their makeup after putting on the filter and follow the exact makeup style on the filter so that they can look as similar as possible with the filter.



2)Cute Animal Filters

Animal filters are quite popular for social media. You can be any animal or magical creature you wish from a rabbit to a dragon. These filters are the fun side to filters however, you can also find filters that enhance your facial features while you are a rabbit with cute ears. So, in most cases, animal filters are combined with enhanced beauty features to be more desirable to users.



Another popular animal for animal filters is butterflies. You can search through the filters and find the butterfly that suits your energy best.



3)Aesthetic Backgrounds

Aesthetic background filters are very trendy in social media. These filters are colorful and fun to use. Background filters bring a unique touch to stories and posts and make them stand out more. Here is one of the most popular filters on IG and TikTok.



4)Polaroid Filters

Polaroids on their own have been a trend for years now. Many people own a camera that prints polaroids and many like admiring them. Capturing the moment into tiny cards has created a different sense of aesthetic and grabbed the attention of social media users. Thanks to social media we can create polaroids digitally in seconds. There are numerous filters for polaroids combined with many filters for you to choose from.



5)Angel Devil Filters

Another filter that is trendy is the angel and devil filters. You can be a bad devil or an ethereal angel depending on your mood. Many social media platforms such as IG, TikTok, and Snapchat have a wide range of options to choose from. 




If you feel that none of the angel devil filters are matching your vibe try the fun templates of ToonApp! 

Here’s how to use the angel-devil templates of ToonApp!


1. Download ToonApp from App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open ToonApp and upload a photo or take a selfie and adjust the size.

3. Click the OK button at the bottom and let the ToonApp do its magic by turning yourself into a cartoon in seconds!

4. Choose which template you want to use and adjust.

5. Finally, you have your unique cartoon angel-devil template!


Feel free to tag ToonApp to share your creative cartoons with us!

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