5 Tricks to Make Your Selfies More Attractive

5 Tricks to Make Your Selfies More Attractive

How many times do you look in the mirror in a day? The average rates change according to gender. The average numbers are 16 for a woman and 23 for a man. However, with the pandemic, the shape of the mirrors changed. People began to see themselves on the screen more than before and screens became our new digitals mirrors. People started to share photos more than before and selfies with crowded family members and friends gave place to alone selfies from quarantine life and with masks. In this blog post, you will read about the 5 selfie tricks that can be helpful to take more amazing selfies. Let’s start!

1) Right Lighting and Angle

Right lighting and angle are the interrelated issues for taking amazing selfies. The color, position and intensity of the light source are the key factors for having clear selfies. Although sunshine, which is one of the natural light sources, is a very good option for taking amazing photos, professional lights and lamps are our alternative light sources when there is not enough sunshine. Using a selfie ring, selfie stick, tripod, smartphone flash can help you to catch the light and angle. 

You can find your best selfie pose by taking numerous selfies from different angles with different lights. If you turn your face to your lighting source and put your camera 45° above from your viewpoint you can prevent casting shadows and have clear photos. Tilting your neck and turning the camera to right or left from this point can be helpful to find your best selfie pose. Definitely, you will take selfies self-confidently, when you find your best selfie angle.

2) Smile

According to George Carlin “Everyone smiles in the same language.” He is absolutely right, smiling is the action that people can understand each other without any words. A warm and real smile is enough to express your happiness and have a shiny photo. Sometimes, you can feel uncomfortable when you should smile at the camera. Making practices in front of a mirror can be a good idea to find your best smile and prevent cheek shakes. There should be wrinkles around your eyes for a hearty smile. If you feel relaxed and think of memories that make you happy, your lips, tongue, teeth and eyes would help you to get a real smile on your selfies. While you are smiling, the wrinkles which are next to your mouth should be parallel to each other and the optimal distance between your lips is 3 centimeters. If it is possible, please place your tongue behind your upper teeth for a sincere smile.

As an alternative to these tips which seem a little bit difficult, you can say “cheese” and take your selfie. Please do not forget to smile at your selfies.  A selfie with a smile can be never bad.

3) Background

You can take selfies wherever you want. You can take funny selfies at home, at the car, at the office, at the park, in front of the mirror, etc. There are 453 million photos with #selfie hashtag on Instagram which means there are millions of selfies with different backgrounds. Your background is important to specify your focus. By choosing a plain background such as a wall, mountains, meadows you can take attention to yourself. If you wish to take wonderful and interesting selfies, colorful and crowded backgrounds would be better than the plain ones. For instance, you can take selfies at the zoo with your favorite animal, at a historical place with historical artifacts or with a building that is very famous. If you prefer to focus on both yourself and your background, you should arrange the angle and at this point, selfie sticks are very useful for taking selfies with extensive and impressive backgrounds. Just kindly remember that you can have cool and unique selfies with colorful, creative and different backgrounds and increase the impressions of your gorgeous selfies on social media.



4) Get Inspired and Be Creative

People create objects, projects, buildings, artworks by inspiring from a moment, an animal, a person or nature, etc. A touch of something can be an inspiration for a masterpiece. On your selfies, you can immortalize the moments by getting inspiration from something that we mentioned in the previous sentence or other people’s selfies. Especially influencer accounts are the good accounts that can inspire you and encourage taking more attractive selfies. We do not mean the imitation of someone’s photos and taking the exact same selfie pose of others. Scrolling through the different social media accounts and reviewing them from the different points of view in addition to your follower identity, you would notice the powerful impacts of the different angles, lights, poses and backgrounds. Be brave and try hundreds of selfies by combining your inspirations at different places, with different lights and angles. Whether you like your test selfies or not, please do not forget that every moment which you catch with your selfies will be a good memory for the future.

5) Editing and Filters

Sometimes you would not like your selfies despite you being careful about the tricks of taking selfies. At this moment, filters and mobile applications make your work easier to improve your selfies. Using smartphone filters is one of the quickest ways to revise your photos. Additionally, filters of social media platforms are useful for editing your photos. We are sure that sometimes these filters are not enough for selfie lovers. They want to create more interesting and amusing selfies. We have a magical mobile application for these selfie lovers: ToonApp. You can create your unique, trendy and fun cartoon selfies super easily with hundreds of different layouts like Big Head Templates by ToonApp and share them on your social media account. You can check out our “How to Cartoon Yourself?” article for details. Please do not forget to add #ToonApp hashtag to your posts so that we can see your selfies. Looking forward to seeing your selfies!




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