5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Disrupting Digital Photography

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Disrupting Digital Photography


The trending word in photography is “AI” these days, but do we really know what Artificial Intelligence means for the industry? AI is not actually a death robot that will exterminate humankind, at least for now, it’s a computer science genre that studies the possibility of teaching a computer to learn, and think in a more advanced step. AI is a mesmerizing development for the science world, but how can a machine with open-ended evolution help us get better photo results?

You are not alone if you didn’t know there was a strong relationship between AI and photography. Thanks to the supervised machine learning algorithms of computational photography, our smartphones can create magic with advanced digital enhancements like HDR merging and digital refocusing. Now, the special effects of advanced photography became available to everyone with smartphones. With AI photo editing, replacing the background or color correction takes seconds and not hours.

Since AI has extended the capabilities of digital cameras, big technology companies such as Apple and Google hugely invested in incorporating AI into their camera software. As of now, we can talk about 5 most-known camera features where AI works its magic:


1) Night Mode Features: Both Android and IOS are offering this impressive feature that is built on AI. The images are taken at night, but thanks to the AI they seem as if they were captured in daylight.



2) Portrait Mode: Before, taking a portrait photo with the blurring effect required a heavy camera equipment. We can now shoot incredibly high-quality photos/videos in which the subject is in focus and the background is almost perfectly blurred. This feature will become even more professional when the AI algorithms get smarter over time by machine learning.



3) Zoom and Enhance: You know how the police zooms x100 to identify a suspect on a grainy video and their face magically becomes visible, that wasn’t possible in real life. But now, Google developed an AI system that lets us recreate facial images from highly-pixelated source material. The learning machine is loaded with infinite numbers of samples where it analyzes the similar images of the source material and recreates a similar high-resolution image.


4) Photo Editing: Before, erasing a tattoo or a person from the image took ages with Photoshop, now, even if it’s not a hundred percent perfectly done, AI allows us to pick out object in an image.


5) Capturing Daily Life: Google has launched a wearable camera that will capture what it sees when it’s turned on, and with the use of AI it will retain the highlights of the daily life by discarding the unwanted parts. Then it sends the ready clips to your phone for you to edit it even further. Google discontinued the product because it was unable to create its place in the market due to its high price.



It looks like for the photography industry; AI can change the existence of photography to its core. There are dozens of AI technology to analyze, and the most convenient conclusion is that the developments in this field are equally mesmerizing and scary.

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