Catch These Summer Photography Trends Before It’s Too Late

Catch These Summer Photography Trends Before It’s Too Late

There appear to be some hot trends brewing as we move deeper into the summer months of 2021, and this year's photographic trends are laying the groundwork for future photography and editing trends that you won't want to miss. Due to the limited availability of travel, there are some different trends that seem to be gaining popularity. Here are some of the photography trends that everyone appears to be trying out, from escaping to tropical feelings to immersing yourself in bold colors, the brighter the better!

1)Vibrant Colors: Get your editing tools ready since summer photography is vibrant. Vibrant colors, ranging from rich oranges to wild purples, are making an appearance in the summer spotlight. Things may transition to warmer tones in the fall. But for the time being, it appears that the wild, the neon, and the razzle-dazzle are the order of the day.


2)Back to Vintage:  Vintage photography is making a comeback, and you'll want to join in on the fun this summer. We'll have technology on our side to make our images look not just bright, crisp, and vibrant, but also vintage and elegant. You'll see vintage flare in every aspect of normal day-to-day lives being captured and shared this season.



3)Summer Treats: The posting of summer goodies seems to be going on during all times of the day, from brightly colored ice cream cones to iced coffees with whipped cream to cold glasses of rosés. Close-up images, as well as shots that set the setting for the summer, are popular.



4)Fun Summer Fruits: Yes, popsicle sticks and ice cream are the essentials of every summer season, but this summer we spiced things up with a little bit of AI technology. Our professional cartoon photo editor ToonApp offers dozens of fruit and vegetable templates, users can easily turn into cartoons by using their selfies and adding the fruit/veggie templates with small efforts. Are you a banana or more of a pineapple at the beach? Choose your side with ToonApp!



How to use these fun templates?

  1. Download ToonApp from App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Open ToonApp and upload a photo or take a selfie and adjust the size.

  3. Click the OK button at the bottom and let the ToonApp do its magic by turning yourself into a cartoon in seconds!

4. Choose your favorite Fruit or Vegetable Template and adjust.

5. Finally, here is your fun summer fruit-self!

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