Exploring the Magnificent Universe with Astrophotography and Space Photography

Exploring the Magnificent Universe with Astrophotography and Space Photography

Curiosity is one of the main impulses of scientific development. Throughout history, discovering more and digging up further information are passions that hold on people to live. However, the mystery of space does not unravel 100% for thousands of years. Thanks to the improvements in space photography technology and astrophotography, we can see photos of space that could be taken from the earth or space.



The telescope is the first device that springs to mind when you think about astronomy. However, if you have a smartphone and are interested in astrophotography, as an option to take photos with a telescope, you can take entrancing photos with your smartphone or DSLR camera. Tripods, mobile applications which are specialized in astrophotography, filters for telescopes could be helpful to you for taking amazing and high-quality photos with your smartphone.



Unfortunately, photos taken from the earth cannot give detailed information in terms of the planetary surfaces, colors, sizes etc. At this point photos taken by space probes, astronauts, satellites in orbits, programs like Landsat, Hubble space telescope give more information about the orbits, nebulas, Milky Way Galaxy than the photos taken by telescopes from the world. 



In space, everything can seem clear because the atmosphere does not blacken the sunlight. In spite of this feature, the agility of the lighting and having a tripod to prevent blurry photos are the crucial things that you should care about while you are taking amazing photos of the moon, stars, sun, celestial bodies etc from the earth. By using lenses, adding filters, making improvements buy mobile applications or software programs you can catch the moments. We hope that trying the different combinations of the suggestions which we wrote above would be helpful for you to take and edit amazing photos.



Unfortunately, we cannot go to space as we go to another country. So that, for this moment we will keep up with space photographs with photos that are shared by NASA. In spite of that, if you want to have a creative and colorful photo in space you can download ToonApp now and create your own cartoon with ToonApp’s various space templates. 


How to create your cartoon with ToonApp space backgrounds?


1. Download ToonApp from App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open ToonApp and upload a photo or take a selfie and adjust the size.

3. Click the OK button at the bottom and let the ToonApp do its magic by turning yourself into a cartoon in seconds!

4. Choose your favorite template you want to use and adjust.

5. Finally, you have your unique cartoon with a space template!



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