Halloween is Approaching! Costume Inspirations for Halloween 2021

Halloween is Approaching! Costume Inspirations for Halloween 2021


Trick or Treat? 🎃 Halloween is coming! Are you ready for the creepy season of the year? Did you finish your preparations, decide on your snacks and Halloween recipes? Are you planning to go outside or have online celebrations? It does not matter if you prefer online or face-to-face celebrations, we feel your excitement from you. Last year, unfortunately, many people could not celebrate Halloween or wear costumes because of the pandemic. However, this year there will be both online and face-to-face Halloween parties and some people started looking for costumes, new recipes and decorations in September. If you could not decide on your Halloween costume, we prepared a blog post for you. We hope it will be useful for you. Let’s look at some Halloween costume trends which would be inspirational for you.


1.Netflix Series 

During the pandemic and quarantine period, with our lifestyles, our hobbies and habits were also changed. Binge-watching became one of the best waste time activities all over the world. At this point, the popularity of online platforms such as Netflix increased. People were holding their breath and waiting for the new series, episodes and films on Netflix. The Netflix series trend does not remain limited as binge-watching their costumes and masks are also becoming very popular. This year, we will see pretty much the costumes of Monet Heist (La Casa De Papel), Squid Game, Outerbanks and Bridgerton characters at Halloween parties. If you are a fan of a film or series, the costume of your favorite character will be a good Halloween costume idea for you.



2. Celebrities

The clothing style of the celebrities is as important as their songs, acting or composition. More often than not, they follow the fashion or create the trends by their own creativity and styles. The award ceremonies and galas are especially the places where they show their styles. After the ceremonies, people start to talk about their specially designed dresses, one more beautiful than the other. Celebrities’ amazing dresses and styles inspire fashion and new designs. Their biggest fans are also inspired by them and Halloween parties are the best places where their fans can imitate them. This year, the looks of Normani at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, Rihanna at the 2021 Met Gala, Harry Styles at the 2021 GRAMMYs and Kim Kardashian at the 2021 Met Gala are the samples of popular ones. Their looks could be a good inspiration for their fans at this year’s Halloween parties.



3. DIY Options and Iconic Halloween Costumes

If you do not want to spend money on your Halloween costume, iconic costumes and DIY costumes could be best for you. Angel, mermaid, bunny, vampire, mummy, pirate, unicorn, cowgirl or zombie costumes... Which one sounds good to you? You can combine your clothes and accessories (At this point, gloves, hair clips, masks, hair chalks could be useful for you.) creatively, wear your super amazing make-up and create your own Halloween costume and style. Tadaaa, you are ready for one of the best and biggest nights out of the year! Become whatever you want and go to the party and have a fab night!



Is costume choice difficult for you? Should you choose one costume but do you want to wear more? Don’t worry, we have ToonApp! It has several Halloween-themed, Netflix Series-themed and many other fantastic templates for you. The only thing you do, download ToonApp and feel the Halloween energy with ToonApp templates. You can create your numerous Halloween cartoons, wear which costumes you want and share your photos with others. We wish you a Happy Halloween! 


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