How to Cartoon Yourself?

How to Cartoon Yourself?

Cartoon trend continues to conquer all social networks in 2021. So, what is cartoon photo trend?  With the uptrend of ToonApp, creating cartoon avatars and vector portraits from users’ own photos has gained huge popularity all around the world. It has never been more tempting for users to reveal aesthetic and professional-looking caricature posts and get dozens of comments and likes in a very short time. 


Of course everyone has a very important question in mind: What is the best cartoon photo editor to turn photos into cartoon? Well, we can proudly say that ToonApp is the only application you need to transform photos into cartoon easily. Even those who don’t have any experience in digital arts or vector photo editing can still create stunning hand-drafted alike cartoons effortlessly. 


Thanks to magical AI technology, users no longer need any talent, money or time to make their own artistic cartoon self-portraits. The quality of professional caricature artworks is reachable through just a tap. As a Professional cartoon photo editor, ToonApp offers the easiest way to create and share fun vector pictures and opportunities for attracting more eyes on social media.


Without further ado, here’s the guide of how to make cartoon photos:


  How to Cartoon Yourself?

  1. Go App Store or Google Play Store and install ToonApp

  2. Open ToonApp and tap on plus sign at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Upload the image or take a selfie you’d like to transform into cartoon and let the ToonApp analyzes faces     with its powerful AI technology

  4. Adjust size and click okey button at the bottom.


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