How to Pose Like an Influencer: 6 Instagram Pose Ideas!

How to Pose Like an Influencer: 6 Instagram Pose Ideas!

Influencers have changed the way we perceive ourselves. The desire to resemble influencers is increasing day by day. The most important focus of influencers is that they provide an eye-catching Instagram feed and they provide this with aesthetic photographs. Being able to take aesthetic photos strictly depends on the poses we strike. If you want to have an aesthetic Instagram feed like influencers and look aesthetically pleasing in photos, this blog post is for you! Here are 6 quick pose tips to enhance your Instagram feed aesthetic.


1- Natural Walking Pose

What you need to do is very simple. Just walk. The most important point for this pose is to look natural, so walk to a place without straining yourself and take a photo while you are doing it. The key here is to look effortlessly aesthetic.



2- Camera Angle

Placing the camera or your phone below your head is not a flattering angle for most faces. So, placing your camera or phone above and looking up probably is a flattering angle for you.

Put your camera slightly above your head, slightly tilt it and look up to the camera. You should put your chin down for this pose to work perfectly. If you pose this way, your face shape will enhance naturally. You can stay still or smile at the camera it is up to your mood. 


3- Look Somewhere Else

Looking directly at the camera may not always give you the best results. If this is the case for you try looking somewhere else. For this pose, you will need the help of the person who is taking photos of you. Look at different places or objects and take a few photos to see which one works best for you. Once you like the pose keep looking at the same place until you get your desired photo!



4- Lean on Something

Leaning on a wall, a window, or other objects will give you natural-looking and cool results. That is why many influencers have many photos while leaning onto an object. This pose allows you to show off your outfit as well so many influencers are using this pose for collaborations.



5- Use Your Shoulders

Shoulders can make your pose elegant when used correctly. For this pose, step away from the camera a little and look over your shoulders into the camera. In this pose, as in other poses, the most important thing is not to strain yourself and to be comfortable. Just relax and feel confident. If you wish you can also add your arms to achieve different poses.



6- Cartoon Yourself!

If you don’t feel like doing any of the above you can cartoon yourself with ToonApp! Just use your selfie or close-up photo to create your cartoon ready to post! It is definitely the most fun you can have. Choose the background that fits your aesthetic and voila it is ready to go! You can also cartoonify your favorite celebrities. Here is what we created for Adele!


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