Suggestions to Have Attractive Profile Pictures

Suggestions to Have Attractive Profile Pictures

The importance of profile pictures is increasing day by day. Because of the pandemic, we experienced many changes in our lifestyles. Our habits, working conditions, and education systems had to change. These changes created different priorities for us. For instance, our profile pictures on social media platforms, digital workspaces and our mobile accounts became more important for us because first impressions are the most lasting and your profile pictures on your digital accounts create your first impression for other people. In this blog post, we will share our suggestions to have effective profile pictures.


1)Show Your Face and Smile
A warm smile is the symbol of a good relationship. So, we recommend you to use your own photo instead of a flower, landscape, animal or quotations as your profile picture. A photo with a truthful and cheerful face is one of the best profile picture options to express yourself to others. The photo with a natural smile that is properly framed (It should not be too far or too close) will be helpful to create a confident and good first impression. 




Your face should be the focus of your profile picture. However, as much as your face, the background is essential. Using backgrounds that show your interests are a good idea in place of curtains, empty walls or objects. In that way, other people can have an idea about your interests and hobbies. For example, if you are playing football, you can use your photo from the football ground.



If you want to use a wall as a background but also attract the attention of others, preferring contrast colors, such as orange and blue, could be a good way for you. Vivid colors are more attractive than the white or black backgrounds and this can be helpful to make your profile remarkable among thousands of profiles.



Improved photos seem more effective. You can also edit your profile pictures by changing or blurring backgrounds, adding filters to balance lighting, cropping or removing unnecessary details but you should be careful while you are editing because you express yourself with your profile picture and others get first ideas about you from your profile picture. It should seem natural and original even though you improved it.



4)Profile Picture Trends

As you know each platform has its own aim which is why you need profile pictures more than one. For instance, on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp people mostly share photos from entertainment places and they use their amazing photos. In the meantime, trends change quickly and as a new trend people prefer to use their avatars, cartoons or filtered photos as profile pictures. 


On the digital work platforms, people mostly prefer sharing formal photos or photos from their business meetings which seem corporate. This is also changed by the pandemic because our homes became our new workplaces and our meetings started to be online. People looked at new profile picture alternatives for their digital work accounts and at this point, avatars saved the situation. People started to use their own avatars and updated them according to their current mood. 


Maybe creating different cartoons could sound difficult to you. However, it is very quick and simple with ToonApp. You can create your amazing cartoons and update your profile picture according to your mood or the trending topic of the day with several ToonApp templates. 


Of course, if you want to be known as a personal brand, using the same profile picture on all your accounts in the long-term can be a good idea because people can remember you when they see your profile picture again and again and it can make your profile remarkable. Using an avatar could be a good idea to show your creativity and increase your memorability. It also shows that you are a trend-tracking person and open to new ideas.


5 basic steps to use ToonApp templates:


1. Download ToonApp from App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open ToonApp and upload a photo or take a selfie and adjust the size.

3. Click the OK button at the bottom and let the ToonApp do its magic by turning yourself into a cartoon in seconds!

4. Choose your favorite template and adjust.

5. Finally, here is your new profile picture!

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