Thanksgiving Photography Ideas

Thanksgiving Photography Ideas

Turkey Day is almost here! It's almost Thanksgiving, which means turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie are on the menu. Thanksgiving shopping fever is in full force now that the holiday season has begun. Some of us will drive long distances, sit in mind-numbing stall-and-crawl traffic, and suffer excruciatingly packed airports. We'll arrive at our destination eventually, and we'll spend the holidays with family and friends.


Who wouldn’t want to relive this day over and over? It’s an ideal time to take holiday photos that are both beautiful and memorable. Taking Thanksgiving photos effectively captures that particular moment in time. You may capture once-in-a-lifetime amazing moments that you'll enjoy forever with a little planning and imagination. Down below, we created a little list of Creative Thanksgiving Day Photography Ideas to help you on your way.


1. Thanksgiving Family Photo: Every holiday necessitates multiple family group photographs, followed by a series of candids to round out the experience.

When one person is assigned to be the photographer, they are rarely photographed. To avoid that, a planned group photo is the only method to ensure that every guest is included. 

If you can, heat things up, which may include employing props. You may use a tripod to get in the photo as the photographer, or a simpler way is to take a selfie using the 10-second timer.

As the family gathers around the table before, during, and after dinner, take advantage of the opportunity to capture pleasant, emotional dialogues between family members. Since the Thanksgiving meal is the masterpiece of the day, it can be a centerpiece of the family shoot as well, make sure to get the meal in the composition.



2. Festive Dinner Table:  You have the opportunity to shoot some lovely Thanksgiving shots of the dining room with the main features of the evening and additional decorations before the entire family sits down at the table.

Once dinner is served, snap pictures of the full table spread before eating. To capture every item of the feast at once, you should find the right angle. Standing off to the side and shooting above table level is the best way to squeeze in everything.

You can also include non-food items in the shooting as well. Funny food photos can be created by including the family members. Don’t miss your favorite uncle grabbing a turkey leg and make a face as he bites into it.

The most important thing is to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, so don’t get overwhelmed trying to capture the perfect festive dinner. Take several photos, and then retire the camera for an hour or so and enjoy one of the most amazing meals of the year!



3. Candid Shots: Yes, planned and posed shots will give you the right results, but it can get a little boring and put pressure on your family. Candid photos are great for some organic content of the day.

Take natural photos of what’s going on in the kitchen where the cook of the family is taking the roasted turkey out from the oven. Snap a few shots of your dad carving the turkey. Don’t forget to capture the heartwarming laughs of the young children as they are enjoying the holiday without conscious recognition of the camera.



4. After-dinner Food Coma: Unfortunately, every good thing must come to an end. The meal is over, now it’s time for the food coma! We all know the feeling, every Thanksgiving there is this woozy feeling after the big feast. Racing for the best couch of the house once the table is cleared has become the Thanksgiving sport.

To make use of the after-dinner moments, capture all the people who are in a food coma resulting from the delicious dinner.

Zoom in on the family gathered in the living room, watching TV, or bonding. You may take sweet photos of Grandpa telling stories or young ones fighting over the remote.

Eventually, TV time turns into the post-Thanksgiving food-coma nap. Take pictures of those sleeping beauties. The most hilarious shoots may come from those after-dinner food coma moments. Don’t disturb anyone while sleeping though!



5. Thanksgiving Cartoon Templates: ToonApp always celebrates the most special days of the year by creating holiday-themed cartoon templates. As of now, the most creative and fun Thanksgiving cartoon templates are out!

If you want to make the most fun out of Thanksgiving this year, download ToonApp from the App Store or Google Play Store and try out our newest holiday templates. You can turn your favorite auntie into a cartoon turkey with ToonApp!

It will be even more fun to do something new this year other than capturing the most enjoyable moments of turkey day. Download ToonApp and create your cartoons after dinner where everyone is laying on the couch and relaxing after a delicious meal.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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