ToonApp has won India’s Heart with #BigHeadChallenge

ToonApp has won India’s Heart with #BigHeadChallenge

On May 22nd, ToonApp was #1 app overall on the App Store and Play Store in India. Guess we don't need to tell how proud we are… So what was behind this success? Well, Big Heads were everywhere!  With so many fun Big Head Templates available in ToonApp, our beloved users shared amazing Big Head Cartoons of themself through social media. Thanks to a huge interest in new templates, #BigHeadChallenge gained an enormous rise over time!


What is Big Head Challenge?

Big Head Challenge was born with the idea of professional caricatures made of tiny body drawings and original heads of users. From this viewpoint, ToonApp has offered dozens of body templates including scuba-diver, superhero, pilot, zombi, etc. that can take your cartoon photo experience to the next level. Users can easily cartoonify pictures and use their cartoon selfie by adding the body templates with small edit efforts.

Special thanks belong to Indian Youtubers superheading this new Insta trend with their wonderful tutorials and our dear users who have shared thousands of amusing Big Head Cartoon versions of themself. At this point, the collapse of our servers was a sign of our success and encouraged us that we are on the right track and should keep going.





How to Join Big Head Challenge?

  1. Download ToonApp from App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Open ToonApp and tap on plus sign at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Upload a photo or take a selfie and adjust the size.

  4. Click okay button at the bottom and let the ToonApp do its magic by turning yourself into a cartoon in seconds!

5. Choose your favorite Big Head Template and adjust your head part according to the cartoon body.

6. Click the eraser and edit your head by erasing the neck and the other parts of the body - so that only the head remains.

7. Voila! Your Big Head Toon is ready to go! 

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